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Image of Miter Saw Field Assembly

Miter Saw Field Assembly

This field assembly (part number 976795001) is for miter saws.Field assembly 976795001 creates the electrical field to spin the armature in the table saw motor.Unplug the miter saw before installing this part.

Image of Angle Grinder Wrench

Angle Grinder Wrench

This wrench (part number 019499004064) is for angle grinders.Wrench 019499004064 lets you hold the motor shaft in place when removing and installing the grinding disc.Follow the instructions in your owner's manual when using this part.

Image of Radial Arm Saw Square Nut

Radial Arm Saw Square Nut

This square nut (part number 624282-002) is for radial arm saws.Unplug the radial arm saw before installing square nut 624282-002.

Image of Front Block

Front Block

Pricing Subject to Change. Front Block

Image of Table Saw Blade Wrench

Table Saw Blade Wrench

This blade wrench (part number 089110113061) is for table saws.Blade wrench 089110113061 lets you remove or install the table saw blade.Follow the instructions in your owner's manual when using this part.

Image of Non-skid Sur

Non-skid Sur

Pricing Subject to Change. Non-skid Sur

Image of Guide Plate

Guide Plate

Pricing Subject to Change. Guide Plate

Image of NO-MAR PAD


Pricing Subject to Change. NO-MAR PAD

Image of Table Saw Accessory Table

Table Saw Accessory Table

This accessory table (part number A182012002) is for table saws.Accessory table A182012002 allows you to mount a router to make additional cuts.Unplug the table saw before replacing the accessory table. Wear work gloves to protect your hands.

Image of Brace Uppr

Brace Uppr

Pricing Subject to Change. Brace Uppr