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Image of Space Heater Element Insulator

Space Heater Element Insulator

This element insulator (part number 99270107) is for space heaters.Element insulator 99270107 prevents the heating element from contacting the metal shroud.Disconnect electrical power to the space heater before installing this part. Wear work gloves to...

Image of Bulb Holder

Bulb Holder

Pricing Subject to Change. Bulb Holder



Pricing Subject to Change. MNTING BRKT

Image of Space Heater Temperature Control Knob

Space Heater Temperature Control Knob

This temperature control knob (part number 99360135) is for space heaters.Remove the knob by pulling it straight off its shaft.

Image of Sckt Hrnss

Sckt Hrnss

Pricing Subject to Change. Sckt Hrnss

Image of Motor Plate

Motor Plate

Pricing Subject to Change. Motor Plate

Image of Exhaust Vent Fan Blade

Exhaust Vent Fan Blade

This fan blade (part number S99110379) is for exhaust vents.Fan blade S99110379 attaches to the fan motor and spins to pull air through the vent and out of the room.Disconnect power from the exhaust vent before starting the repair. Wear work gloves to...

Image of Thrml Ovr Ld

Thrml Ovr Ld

Pricing Subject to Change. Thrml Ovr Ld

Image of Exhaust Vent Light Lens

Exhaust Vent Light Lens

This light lens (part number 97013578) is for exhaust vents.Light lens 97013578 covers the light bulb and reflects the light into the room.Unplug the exhaust vent before starting the repair. Wear work gloves to protect your hands.

Image of Range Hood Fuse

Range Hood Fuse

This fuse (part number SB02300782) is for range hoods.Fuse SB02300782 protects the controls from damage by shutting off the range hood if there's a power surge.Unplug the range hood or shut off the house circuit breaker before installing this part.