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Image of Washer Motor Coupling

Washer Motor Coupling

This motor coupling (part number 285753A) is for washers.Motor coupling 285753A is a flexible coupling on the motor shaft connection to the direct-drive transmission. If the drive system seizes up, the coupling breaks to protect the drive motor from damage.Unplug...

Image of Furnace Oil Burner Motor Coupling

Furnace Oil Burner Motor Coupling

This oil burner motor coupling (part number 59-25011-01) is for furnaces.Oil burner motor coupling 59-25011-01 connects the motor to the pump.Shut off the electrical power supply to the furnace and wait until surfaces are cool to the touch before installing...

Image of Washer Agitator Coupling

Washer Agitator Coupling

This agitator coupling (part number WH1X1944) is for washers.Agitator coupling WH1X1944 holds the agitator to the gear case shaft.Unplug the washer before installing this part. Wear work gloves to protect your hands.