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1/4-28 X .31

Pricing Subject to Change. 1/4-28 X .31

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305797 TORSI

Pricing Subject to Change. 305797 TORSI

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Active Overlay

Pricing Subject to Change. Active Overlay

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Pricing Subject to Change. Actuator

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Pricing Subject to Change. Adhesive

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Adjustment Buzzer

Pricing Subject to Change. Adjustment Buzzer

Image of Affresh Coffee Maker Cleaner

Affresh Coffee Maker Cleaner

affresh® Coffeemaker Cleaner (part number W10355052) is specially formulated to descale your coffeemaker and fight mineral buildup that can increase brewing time, affecting the taste of your coffee. Each tablet is easy to use. No need to mix, measure...

Image of Affresh Cooktop Cleaner

Affresh Cooktop Cleaner

Affresh cooktop cleaner (part number W10355051) gently cleans glass, ceramic, stainless steel and chrome cooktop surfaces.Affresh cooktop cleaner W10355051 leaves a protective coating of silicone on smooth-top surfaces as it cleans.Follow the instructions...

Image of Affresh Cooktop Cleaning Kit

Affresh Cooktop Cleaning Kit

The Affresh Cooktop Cleaning Kit (part number W11042470) includes a scraper and 5 scrub pads that remove buildup and cooked-on spills without scratching or harming your cooktop surfaces. It also includes 5 ounces of a non-abrasive cleaner that's safe...

Image of Affresh Cooktop Cleaning Wipes

Affresh Cooktop Cleaning Wipes

affresh® Cooktop Cleaning Wipes (part number W10539770) are specially formulated dual-sided wipes with a scrubber side to remove everyday residues and a smooth side to leave your ceramic cooktop shiny and sparkling with a streak-free finish, when...