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Image of Printed Circuit Board

Printed Circuit Board

Pricing Subject to Change. Printed Circuit Board

Image of Screw, 10-pack

Screw, 10-pack

Pricing Subject to Change. Screw, 10-pack

Image of Television Control Panel Assembly

Television Control Panel Assembly

This control panel assembly (part number 89A-K13-1823) is for televisions.Control panel assembly 89A-K13-1823 lets you turn the television on and off and adjust volume, channel and other settings.Because the television contains capacitors that can retain...

Image of Television Power Cord

Television Power Cord

This power cord (part number 600-011-SR20Z0) is for televisions.If installing power cord 600-011-SR20Z0 requires accessing internal wiring, have a service technician install the cord.

Image of Television Remote Control (White)

Television Remote Control (White)

This remote control (part number 845-051-03B63) is for televisions.Remote control 845-051-03B63 lets you operate the television from a short distance away.Follow the instructions in the owner's manual for programming the remote control.

Image of Television Screw, 10-pack

Television Screw, 10-pack

Pricing Subject to Change. Television Screw, 10-pack

Image of Television Stand

Television Stand

This stand (part number 154-701-CM4873) is for televisions.Stand 154-701-CM4873 holds and supports the television in an upright position.Unplug the television and follow the instructions in the manual when installing this part.

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