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Image of Crimp Terminal Connector

Crimp Terminal Connector

Pricing Subject to Change. Crimp Terminal Connector

Image of Furnace Air Filter

Furnace Air Filter

This air filter (part number 116201) is for furnaces.Air filter 116201 traps dirt, dust and other airborne particles.Follow the instructions in the owner's manual when installing this part.

Image of Humidifier Bacteriostatic Algae and Odor Treatment

Humidifier Bacteriostatic Algae and Odor Treatment

Bacteriostatic algae and odor treatment (part number 3BT) is for humidifiers.Bacteriostatic algae and odor treatment 3BT controls the build up of bacteria and algae in the water tank.Not for use in heat vaporizing, ultrasonic or atomizing humidifiers.

Image of Humidifier Wick Filter

Humidifier Wick Filter

This wick filter (part number H45-C) is for humidifiers.Wick filter H45-C absorbs water from the water bottle and adds moisture to the air that moves through the filter.Unplug the humidifier before installing this part.

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