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4 Position R

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5 Position P

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5 Position R

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Adjustment Lever

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Image of Amana Refrigerator Air Filter

Amana Refrigerator Air Filter

This Amana air filter (part number WP12488101) is for refrigerators.Air filter WP12488101 removes odors and impurities from the air inside the refrigerator.Replace the air filter every 6 months per the manufacturer's recommendation.

Image of Appliance High Temperature Adhesive Sealant, 2-oz

Appliance High Temperature Adhesive Sealant, 2-oz

This adhesive sealant (part number WPY055980) is for appliances.Adhesive sealant WPY055980 forms a heat-resistant bond between components such as gaskets and felt seals.Follow the instructions included when using this product.

Image of Appliance Light Bulb

Appliance Light Bulb

This light bulb (part number WPA3167501) fits a variety of appliances.Follow appropriate safety practices when installing light bulb WPA3167501.

Image of Appliance Silicone Lubricant

Appliance Silicone Lubricant

This silicone lubricant (part number WP99003172) is for appliances.Silicone lubricant WP99003172 allows components to move freely and prevents parts from seizing up in cold temperatures.

Image of Appliance Touch-Up Paint, 0.6-oz (Oiled Bronze)

Appliance Touch-Up Paint, 0.6-oz (Oiled Bronze)

This touch-up paint (part number W10134193) is for appliances.Touch-up paint W10134193 covers nicks and scratches on appliances. The bottle contains 0.60-fluid ounces of paint and an applicator brush.Follow the instructions on the label when using this...