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Image of ADAPTER B


Pricing Subject to Change. ADAPTER B

Image of Air Conditioner Blower Wheel

Air Conditioner Blower Wheel

Pricing Subject to Change. Air Conditioner Blower Wheel



Pricing Subject to Change. BASE ASSEMBLY,CHASSIS

Image of Caster


Pricing Subject to Change. Caster



Pricing Subject to Change. COVER,TOP ,FRNT & REAR

Image of Dehumidifier Caster

Dehumidifier Caster

This caster (part number 5304471800) is for dehumidifiers.Caster 5304471800 allows you to move the dehumidifier easily within the room.Follow the instructions in your owner's manual to install this part.

Image of Dehumidifier Display Board

Dehumidifier Display Board

This display board (part number 5304447243) is for dehumidifiers.Display board 5304447243 receives signals from the control board and displays the cycles and settings.Unplug the dehumidifier before installing this part. Wear work gloves to protect your...

Image of Dehumidifier Drain Plug

Dehumidifier Drain Plug

This drain plug (part number 5304447276) is for dehumidifiers.Drain plug 5304447276 prevents water from draining out of the water bucket.Follow the instructions in your owner's manual to install the drain plug.

Image of Dehumidifier Water Bucket

Dehumidifier Water Bucket

This water bucket (part number 5304487153) is for dehumidifiers.Water bucket 5304487153 collects condensate water that drips from the evaporator.Follow the instructions in your owner's manual to install the water bucket.

Image of Dehumidifier Water Tank Assembly

Dehumidifier Water Tank Assembly

This water tank assembly (part number 5304471794) is for dehumidifiers.Water tank assembly 5304471794 collects and stores the water extracted from the air.Unplug the dehumidifier before replacing this part.