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Image of Refrigerator Pantry Drawer End Cap Set

Refrigerator Pantry Drawer End Cap Set

This pantry drawer end cap set (part number W10874836) is for refrigerators.Pantry drawer end cap set W10874836 attaches to the inside wall the refrigerator to support the pantry drawer. The set includes the left and right end caps.Follow the instructions...

Image of Refrigerator UV Filter Dryer

Refrigerator UV Filter Dryer

This filter dryer (part number WPW10143759) is for refrigerators.Filter dryer WPW10143759 filters refrigerant that travels through the sealed system of the refrigerator.A service technician should install this part because it involves recovering and recharging...

Image of Refrigerator Water Inlet Valve Kit

Refrigerator Water Inlet Valve Kit

This water inlet valve kit (part number W10408179) is for refrigerators.Water inlet valve kit W10408179 supplies water to the refrigerator ice maker and water dispenser. The kit may include multiple parts; refer to your parts diagram for a complete list...

Image of Samsung Refrigerator Water Filter

Samsung Refrigerator Water Filter

Samsung water filter (part number 9101) has NSF certifications 42, 53 and 401; it reduces lead and other metals; chlorine taste and odor; volatile organic compounds (VOCs); and some pesticides and pharmaceuticals.Water filter 9101, also known as HAF-CIN,...

Image of Washer Actuator

Washer Actuator

This actuator (part number W10913953) is for washers.Actuator W10913953 shifts the splutch and monitors the position of the splutch.Unplug the washer before installing this part. Wear work gloves to protect your hands.

Image of Washer Agitator Bolt

Washer Agitator Bolt

This bolt (part number WP358237) is for washers.Follow appropriate safety practices when installing bolt WP358237.

Image of Washer Agitator Dog Set

Washer Agitator Dog Set

This agitator dog set (part number 80040) is for washers.Agitator dog set 80040 ratchets across the gear teeth in one direction and digs into the gear teeth in the opposite direction to create the agitation. The set contains 4 dogs.Unplug the washer before...

Image of Washer Base Pad Set

Washer Base Pad Set

This base pad set (part number 285744) is for washers.Base pad set 285744 attaches to the base above the suspension plate and reduces wear and damage caused by metal-to-metal contact. The set includes all three base pads.Unplug the washer before installing...

Image of Washer Basket Drive Assembly

Washer Basket Drive Assembly

This basket drive assembly (part number W10820043) is for washers.Basket drive assembly W10820043 sits on top of the transmission shaft and houses the spin basket brake mechanism. The basket drive spins to rotate the basket during the spin cycle.Unplug...

Image of Washer Damper Pad Kit

Washer Damper Pad Kit

This damper pad kit (part number 203956) is for washers.Damper pad kit 203956 attaches to the washer tub brace to minimize tub vibration in the spin mode. The kit includes 3 damper pads and silicone grease lubricant; adhesive for the damper pads isn?t...